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How soft water benefits you

Limescale is the hard scaly residue deposited by hard water. When you have unsoftened hard water coming into your home limescale will build up on all surfaces that get regularly wet. This will be evident as unsightly deposits on kitchen taps and sinks, as well as on bathroom taps, shower heads and on shower screens and baths.

Hard water also causes scaling where you can't see it in the mechanisms of your dishwasher and washing machine, and inside your water pipes and boiler.


Softened water prevents limescale buildup and gets rid of years worth of built up scale, making your home look more clean and attractive. 

Not having to constantly get rid of scale can also significantly ease cleaning duties around the home. And you will save money by not needing to replace prematurely worn out appliances, and by having a boiler that will work more efficiently and last longer. 

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Braided Beauty

The minerals in hard water have been proven to make skin more sensitive to irritation, and therefore a contributing factor in many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin. Many people notice an improvement in their dry skin when using softened water.


Soft water also enables you to use 50% less soap and shampoo and produce a much better lather, so reducing the quantity of potentially irritating chemical products used. And you are likely to find your hair is shinier and more manageable due to the elimination of soap scum and residue that is left behind with hard water.

A water softener in your home will save you money by significantly reducing the quantity of cleaning products, limescale removers, washing detergents, dishwasher salts, clothes conditioners, and shampoos required for your home cleaning regime. Time spent cleaning is also noticeably reduced as you will no longer need to constantly battle the scale deposits left behind by hard water.

Scale build-up in your heating system reduces the efficiency of heat production making your heating system have to work harder to heat your home. Soft water can save money by reducing your gas bill.