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Cost savings of softened water in your home

Less shampoo and soap for personal cleaning

You will only need 50% of the quantity of shampoo and soap for personal cleaning, as creating a lather is so much easier, and you are not left with soap scum.

Cleaning Sink

Reduced spending on cleaning products

If limescale has built up around your home, you'll likely be investing a lot more time and money into cleaning products to reverse the effects of hard water and keep your home looking clean and fresh. 

Softening your water prevents this build up, so you'll no longer need to use the harsh chemicals that hard water homes do. Many of our customers say their cleaning time has also been greatly reduced.

Increased efficiency of your heating system

One of the main ways soft water helps you to save money in your home is by improving the efficiency of your heating system. Over time, the build up of hard water minerals in the pipes around your home can leave them corroded and constricted, making it difficult for water to pass through them efficiently. 

This has been shown to affect the efficiency of heating systems in your home.

When water passes through more easily, your home's heating system is more effective. You can then reduce the amount of time your heating needs to be switched on for, saving you money.

Other appliances, like your shower, will also be more efficient, thanks to the improved efficiency of your pipes and also to the reduction of limescale. Because soft water doesn't contain the minerals that hard water does, these minerals can't build up and clog your shower head. This means shower times can be reduced, cutting costs in the bathroom, too.

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Longer life of your appliances, due to no hard water damage

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Any appliance you buy for your home is an investment. By installing a TwinTec S3 water softener, you protect that investment, because soft water is much kinder on your appliances than hard.

This is due to the mineral build up which exists in hard water. These minerals cause corrosion in the internal workings of your appliances. If you live in a hard water area, one example you'll see of this is the inside of your kettle, where hard water causes limescale and corrosion to the heating element.

With soft water, your appliances are protected from the abrasive minerals and they work more effectively and more efficiently for longer. This means you save money on replacing your appliances, and they live longer.

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