Before softened water

Taps get covered in limescale deposits, needing harsh chemicals and a lot of hard work to keep clean.

Shower heads get blocked with limescale, causing uneven and dissatisfying showering.

Shower screen - scaled.jpg

Shower screens become clouded in limescale deposits, looking unattractive, and being difficult to clean.

Sink - scaled.jpg

Sinks get covered in unsightly limescale, requiring harsh chemicals to clean.

Heat exchanger - scaled.jpg

Heat exchanger becomes clogged with limescale, significantly reducing its ability to transfer heat efficiently.

Boiler - scaled.jpg

Heating systems become covered in hard limescale, causing them to have to work harder to produce heat.

Copper water pipes in your central heating system become filled with a limescale layer. Slowing down water flow and efficiency.

After softened water

Softened water maintains taps' shiny attractive look with easy minimal cleaning.

Shower heads stay as clear as new with softened water, with no need for chemical cleaning.

Shower screen - shiny.jpg

Softened water allows your shower screen to easily stay perfectly clear and clean.

Sink - shiny.jpg

Your sink can stay stay shiny, attractive and easy to clean with softened water.

Heat exchanger clear of limescale, able to work to its full efficiency potential.

Boiler - shiny.jpg

Softened water will gradually descale your heating system, returning it to full efficiency.

Pipe - shiny.jpg

Softened water will gradually descale pipes, allowing full unhindered water flow.