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Order water filter cartridges

We sell the 10" Screw-Fit Granular Activated Carbon /Phosphate Filter:

Screw-Fit: The easiest domestic water filter to use, as it closes off the water supply for when you screw out the old cartridge and screw in the new one. Replace the cartridge by simply screwing out the old cartridge and screwing the new one.

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon): Removes chlorine and other trace chemicals to improve taste and odour.

Phos (Phosphate): Phosphate is a scale inhibitor which helps to stop scale sticking to things like taps and kettles, so that even with your drinking water you prevent build-up of limescale.

10" size: Large enough to ensure a good flow rate and effective filtering, but small enough to fit neatly under your kitchen sink.

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