• This is the replacement filter cartridge for your GAC/Phos housing.
  • The 10" water filter fits neatly under your kitchen sink.
  • GAC/Phos = Granular Activated Carbon and Phosphate.
  • The GAC removes chorine and other chemicals, improving taste and odour.
  • The Phosphate inhibits hard water scale, so that even in your drinking water line you have some softening of your water.
  • It has a user friendly twist-lock housing that allows you to replace your filter cartridges as easily as replacing a light bulb - simply unscrew and remove the old one and screw in the new one.
  • It locks off the water supply as you twist, removing the need to inconveniently turn off your water supply each time you replace the cartridge.

10" GAC/Phos replacement filter cartridge


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