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Kind to your family's skin and hair

Luxurious soft water for bathing

You can literally feel the gentle and luxurious softened water while bathing, providing luxury and pampering in your own home, every day.

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Relief of skin conditions

New research has revealed the link between hard water and skin conditions like eczema. Hard water damages the skin, raising the risk of infection and potentially contributing to the development of eczema. Softened water is much kinder to your skin and could reduce these negative effects. It could even lower the risk of skin conditions developing in the first place. Softened water also leaves your skin feeling soft and needing less chemicals and products.

Shinier and silkier hair

Customers report being able to feel the difference in their hair when using softened water over hard water. Your hair can feel softer and silkier and look noticeably shinier. Hair becomes less tangled and easier to brush without the mineral residue and soap scum left behind by hard water.

You will be able to use 50% less shampoo products and still obtain a better lather, reducing the quantity of harsh chemicals required and limiting

product build up in your hair.

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