Drinking Water Tap Options

We recommend installing a separate source of non-softened drinking water in your kitchen even though softened water is completely safe to drink for the majority of people.

The two options for installing a separate non-softened drinking water line are:

Option 1: Install a 3-way Kitchen Tap

A 3-way kitchen tap provides hot (softened)/cold (softened)/cold (non-softened drinking) water. This would replace your existing 2-way hot/cold kitchen tap.


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An example of a 3-way tap, which would replace your previous 2-way tap 

Option 2: Install a Separate Drinking Water Faucet

A separate drinking water faucet, usually installed at the corner of your kitchen sink, provides only cold (non-softened drinking) water. We provide and install this free of charge as part of any water softener installation.

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An example of a separate drinking water faucet installed at the corner of the kitchen sink, next to your usual 2-way tap